The Mississippi River Open School for Kinship and Social Exchange (2022-2024) is an expansive educational and research collaboration through the formation of five river hubs spanning the river’s headwaters to the Gulf. The Open School engages pressing issues at the intersections of race, environment, and extraction through education, cultural exchange, and action.

This homepage serves as a stream of recent contributions, resources, precedents, and, eventually, toolkits, which comprise the project's content and reach. The map offers an alternative way to navigate this content, one which illustrates the spatial organization of a project that spans the entirety of the river.

Welcoming Crossing Open School Teaching Experiential Water Conversation
Water Language: A Conversation with Shanai Matteson and Oscar Tuazon
Shanai Matteson
Oscar Tuazon

November 14, 2022
Open School Teaching Storytelling Experiential River Semester Field Work Education Engagement
Navigating the Anthropocene River
Joe Underhill

October 01, 2022
Open School Repairing Engagement Field Study Field Work Reflection Conversation Infrastructure Engineering Speculative
Drawn Together
Aron Chang

November 11, 2022
Welcoming Monitoring Field Study Sound Experiment Water
Listening to the Mississippi
Monica Moses Haller
Sebastian Müllauer

October 04, 2022
Crossing Sensing Violence Extraction Environmental Justice Ecology
The Remote Sensation of Disintegration
Imani Jacqueline Brown

November 21, 2022
A Big River Continuum
Monique Verdin
Karen Goulet
Rebecca Dallinger

November 14, 2022
Welcoming Teaching Food Field Work Biodiversity Engagement Agriculture
Edible Encounters
Lynn Peemoeller

October 04, 2022
Crossing Experiment Reflection Storytelling Sound Media
Head Waters at the Headwaters
Jamie Allen
Temporary continent.

October 04, 2022
Repairing Field Work Settler Colonialism Landscape
After Extraction
Ryan Griffis

October 04, 2022
Crossing Storytelling Radioactivity Imaginary Energy
Born Secret
Jeremy Bolen
Brian Holmes

October 05, 2022
Specifics of Vulnerability
Adam Crosson
Monique Verdin
Monica Moses Haller

November 05, 2022
Crossing Welcoming Repairing Storytelling Conversation Experiment History Ecology Species
On the Recuperative Mismanagement of a Cosmopolitan Fish
Sarah Lewison
Swan Parsons
Florian Ruland
Alexandra Toland
Andrew Yang

November 14, 2022
Open School
The Shape of a River: Mississippi
Myriel Milićević

October 04, 2022
Crossing Experiment Reflection Storytelling Sound Media
Good River, Bad River, Little River, Big River
Temporary continent.

October 04, 2022
Repairing Conversation Reflection
Interview: Un/bounded Engineering and Evolutionary Stability
Jelagat Cheruiyot
Jorg Sieweke
Aron Chang

October 07, 2022
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